Wednesday, December 9, 2009



The next morning we woke up after an uncomfortable nights sleep.
”Morning”, I said yawning.
As I sat up and jes caught sight of my eyes, she screamed
“OMG”, “your eyes!”
Then I screamed, “What’s wrong”, I asked?
“They…they are different colours! Jes answered.
“What”, I shouted.
“Mickey, you have one blue eye and one brown eye!”
“What’s happening, your eyes are different as well, you have one blue and one green!
“What”, she screamed!
I rushed out of the spaceship to find that we were TRAPPED!!!
So, I ran back and told her.
Jes and I were standing next to each other and we then heard heavy breathing behind us.
“There is something behind us”, jes said
We both slowly turned around to find an ALIEN standing there!!!!!
It is two headed!!!
we almost jumped out of our skin!

It is me, you guys. We heard the alien say.
It’s talking, I said!!!
It’s me, the alien said again.
Jayme? I asked frightened.

"Yes, it's me, the alien answered.
"Wait, jes said dont get fooled by the alien, it could be tricking us?
"No, the alien replied, "Your name is jessica calnon, and you are Micaela Smit.
"Ok, i think this is jayme, i said.
"OK", we will have to trust 'it' for now.

"By the way, the alien added, you are also aliens!
i looked at jes and realised, AHHHHHHH!!!
"We are aliens!"
Oh, my word, i never thought this would happen! i admitted.
"lets see if we can use this spaceship to get out of here, this chamber i mean."
ok, lets hop in it."
we walked into the space ship and looked for the button and in a flash we had zoomed through the roof and out the top of the mountain.

As we were flying through the air we were gazing at the forests and then we all spotted Dilshen. we slowly lowered the space ship to find that he was collecting fire wood. We hovvered in the air and then we all decided to zap him up to be with us. "Good Idea!"
We turned on the zapping thing and soon he was the confused Dilshen he usually is standing in front of us.

He obviously hadnt spotted us yet because he was scanning the spaceship, and then we saw his jaw drop!
ahhhhh! "Who are you, dont eat me!"

"Dilshen", it's us i said
"Why are you people aliens?"
Dunno, yet! Jayme answered.
"Ok, second question... why do you have a spaceship and why have you zapped me and my friends will be looking for me and they might think i'm dead and i hate this island and and...
WooH!, Calm down Dilshen.
"You are with us now!", Dont worry, i reasured him.
"Would you like a drink to calm you down? Jes asked. "Yes please" he answered.
As jes passed him the drink he looked at it and hesitated... "Is something wrong, i asked" "No", and he drank it, just then he started shaking and saying that he is feeling wiered. He looked down at his hands and realised what had just happened.

I'm an ALIEN!
"Yup now you are like us" jes said giggling : )
do i look fat like this?

At this point jes called me and jayme over to the other side of the spaceship. "i think we should ditch him, chuck him in the lake or something". "Yeah!" Jayme and i agreed.
Jayme distracted Dilshen and Jes was standing ready to give us the signal and i was standing by the door of the spaceship ready to push him out.
He was standing up talking to jayme so it made it easier so when Jes gave me the signal Jayme pushed him out and we heard him drop into the lake.
"Glad we got rid of him".
"It is getting late so we better go to sleep and we will carry on, on our adventure tomorrow morning.
After a few yawns we were all sound asleep :]

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