Wednesday, December 2, 2009



“Wake up Micaela!”
I opened my eyes to find Jayme telling me to wake up and get ready!
I looked to my left to see jess just getting up. We had obviously slept in a bit because the sun was high in the sky and shinning bright, streaming into our tent.
It was warm in the tent but after a while, I got over it and we hopped out of the tent grabbing the box of muesli bars, it was probably around 11-00 o’clock. Today we have decided to go exploring said jess. Maybe we should pack up just incase we get lost and have to camp somewhere.

Once we had packed everything into jest’s bag, we started along the warm white sand beach with the icy water occasionally washing over our feet.
“Do you think we are going to find any other food”? jayme said with a worried look on her face.
We will be fine I assured them, not so sure myself.
As we walked along the hot sand, we saw what looked like a clearing.
Let us head over that way, I suggested.
Yeah, ok, they agreed.

In a few minutes we approached the clearing and saw that there was a stream…but… as we looked down into the river we screeemed!!!!
What is that!!!
Nervously we took a few steps down to the stream and saw that there were… HUGE … GIANT… eels?
“I’ve never seen anything like this before, Jayme whispered to me.
The eels were giant and a sort of a green brown colour.
We decided to cut some up and then we wrapped it up in rubbish bags to eat later on.
As we were continuing our walk towards the little island, we realised that it was getting dark…fast, so we set up our tent in order to get a good nights rest and swim across to the island tomorrow.
We looked around for a minute and found a clearing so we set up our tent and found a few rocks to weigh down the tent. We wanted to have an early night so we could be ready the following day to swim across to the island and explore it.

The sun was setting on the horizon now and it was beautiful to watch. We sat in our tent for a while discussing all types of things and that we might be the only ones left, but after a few hours we got into our sleeping bags because we were getting tired.

This was not my ideal camping trip but it will have to do for now.

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