Wednesday, December 2, 2009



The next day we woke up at the crack of dawn, the sun screaming through our tent and the sound of gentle yet the powerful breaking of waves.
The reason I woke up was because the only thing I could hear was the sound of exotic birds chirping and arguing amongst themselves in the trees above us.

When I opened my eyes I realised I was the only person awake so I made the most of it and just lay there for a while listening to the birds and admiring how beautiful nature was.

I heard a yawn to the right of me so I turned around to find Jayme starting to open her eyes and wake up.
“Morning sleepy head”, I whispered
“Huh”, where am I, MuM?
“We are on an island remember”
“Oh. Yeah, bro, morning?
Jes was awake by then from all the noise so we greeted each other and then started to get ready, after bumping my head on the roof of the tent and a few encounters with some friendly bugs we made our way out of the tent. We ate some breaky to get some energy and then we packed up to swim across to the little island.

Tiptoeing into the icy cold water was horrible but it got better. We walked for as far as we could but then we had to start swimming. After not to long we were on land and immediately we spotted a cave and decided to enter it and explore.
When we got into the cave, Jayme chickened out and she decided to stay behind while we explored. “OMG, look over there, something is sparkling that way, as we took a few steps forward…
BANG!!!!!!! A door slammed behind us and we almost jumped out of our skins!
Flip!, I screamed…JAYME!
All we could see of her was a silhouette banging on the door, but she couldn’t see of hear anything.
Oh, no, hopefully she will climb this mountain and try get to us from the top of the hill.
Its jewels! , I said
WHAT!, Jes said
Jes turned around and saw what I meant. These emeralds look pretty valuable! Lets take some, ok!
We stuffed our pockets and at that moment, we heard something coming from the top of the roof…
It was Jayme coming to rescue us! YAY! We missed you, yeah, ok she said, but look a these jewels! Yeah we know! We decided to enter the next cave ahead of us and this time Jayme came with. Look, I pointed out, more jewels, rubies! We also took some of those. BANG!!!!!! Another door shut behind us. What is going on? I asked, heaven only knows, Jes replied. As long as we are together said Jayme, this time! We got a few jewels and then tried to find a way out.

Just then, to the left of us, we saw some more jewels. We cannot just leave without taking any, I said greedily. On the other hand, the door thing will probably happen again. I regret to say this but you can probably guess what happens next when we enter the third cave. BANG!!! The door shut behind us, again! Jes said sounding frustrated. Ok people I do not think there is a way out this time, you guys look for a way out and I will get some jewels.

By the time, I had collected some jewels they had found a way out. Well done Jayme and jess! I congratulated.
“Now”, let us get out of here.

We set up our tent on the hill and were quick to fall asleep, that night.
“Goodnight bros’ “I said
“Goodnight” they said.

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