Wednesday, December 9, 2009



The next morning we woke up after an uncomfortable nights sleep.
”Morning”, I said yawning.
As I sat up and jes caught sight of my eyes, she screamed
“OMG”, “your eyes!”
Then I screamed, “What’s wrong”, I asked?
“They…they are different colours! Jes answered.
“What”, I shouted.
“Mickey, you have one blue eye and one brown eye!”
“What’s happening, your eyes are different as well, you have one blue and one green!
“What”, she screamed!
I rushed out of the spaceship to find that we were TRAPPED!!!
So, I ran back and told her.
Jes and I were standing next to each other and we then heard heavy breathing behind us.
“There is something behind us”, jes said
We both slowly turned around to find an ALIEN standing there!!!!!
It is two headed!!!
we almost jumped out of our skin!

It is me, you guys. We heard the alien say.
It’s talking, I said!!!
It’s me, the alien said again.
Jayme? I asked frightened.

"Yes, it's me, the alien answered.
"Wait, jes said dont get fooled by the alien, it could be tricking us?
"No, the alien replied, "Your name is jessica calnon, and you are Micaela Smit.
"Ok, i think this is jayme, i said.
"OK", we will have to trust 'it' for now.

"By the way, the alien added, you are also aliens!
i looked at jes and realised, AHHHHHHH!!!
"We are aliens!"
Oh, my word, i never thought this would happen! i admitted.
"lets see if we can use this spaceship to get out of here, this chamber i mean."
ok, lets hop in it."
we walked into the space ship and looked for the button and in a flash we had zoomed through the roof and out the top of the mountain.

As we were flying through the air we were gazing at the forests and then we all spotted Dilshen. we slowly lowered the space ship to find that he was collecting fire wood. We hovvered in the air and then we all decided to zap him up to be with us. "Good Idea!"
We turned on the zapping thing and soon he was the confused Dilshen he usually is standing in front of us.

He obviously hadnt spotted us yet because he was scanning the spaceship, and then we saw his jaw drop!
ahhhhh! "Who are you, dont eat me!"

"Dilshen", it's us i said
"Why are you people aliens?"
Dunno, yet! Jayme answered.
"Ok, second question... why do you have a spaceship and why have you zapped me and my friends will be looking for me and they might think i'm dead and i hate this island and and...
WooH!, Calm down Dilshen.
"You are with us now!", Dont worry, i reasured him.
"Would you like a drink to calm you down? Jes asked. "Yes please" he answered.
As jes passed him the drink he looked at it and hesitated... "Is something wrong, i asked" "No", and he drank it, just then he started shaking and saying that he is feeling wiered. He looked down at his hands and realised what had just happened.

I'm an ALIEN!
"Yup now you are like us" jes said giggling : )
do i look fat like this?

At this point jes called me and jayme over to the other side of the spaceship. "i think we should ditch him, chuck him in the lake or something". "Yeah!" Jayme and i agreed.
Jayme distracted Dilshen and Jes was standing ready to give us the signal and i was standing by the door of the spaceship ready to push him out.
He was standing up talking to jayme so it made it easier so when Jes gave me the signal Jayme pushed him out and we heard him drop into the lake.
"Glad we got rid of him".
"It is getting late so we better go to sleep and we will carry on, on our adventure tomorrow morning.
After a few yawns we were all sound asleep :]

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Micaela, I heard Jayme say, I knew it was she because I was already awake,
Yes, I replied
Come look!
Yup I heard Jes say so I knew she was awake as well.
Come and have a look at the sunrise, guys!
She ran out of the tent and opened the tent door.
“Wow, cool, jess said.
“You are not even looking, replied jayme.
Yes, at the back of my eyelids, I am!
“Seriously, come and look”
“Fine,” we replied.
We dragged ourselves out of the tent and then saw the beautiful sunrise!
It’s sooo pretty!, I said

We had some breaky and then decided to go explore the thing we got stuck in the day before
“Right, today we are going into those caves and having a look to see what it is, ok?”
“yes, mam!” I said giggling

Before long we were at the top of the hill, where Jayme had come down from. Then we started pulling the hexagonal rocks apart, and it was working they were moving! Then they moved dramatically and opened to reveal a chamber!
“On the count of three we are going to jump, Ok?”
One…2…3… Jump!

Plonk! “Ground Shock” We landed on the hard floor of the chamber and then realised that it was empty! Apart from some weird symbols, it was empty!
“All that effort, for nothing”, I said
Look closely, Jayme said, there are three of the same symbols on different walls in exactly the same place!
“Lets push them together on the count of three 123, then another chamber was revealed! Wow, but there was nothing in it?
“Lets try again, 1…2…3… the walls caved in and another chamber was revealed, except this time there was a spaceship in it.
“WOW! I yelled, Cool!
We decided to explore it and after we did and found it was empty and…safe.

We realised that it was quite warm and decided to spend the night, and sleep in the spaceship.
“I hope nothing bad happens to us, I said as I closed my eyes.
“Yeah, Goodnight”.




The next day we woke up at the crack of dawn, the sun screaming through our tent and the sound of gentle yet the powerful breaking of waves.
The reason I woke up was because the only thing I could hear was the sound of exotic birds chirping and arguing amongst themselves in the trees above us.

When I opened my eyes I realised I was the only person awake so I made the most of it and just lay there for a while listening to the birds and admiring how beautiful nature was.

I heard a yawn to the right of me so I turned around to find Jayme starting to open her eyes and wake up.
“Morning sleepy head”, I whispered
“Huh”, where am I, MuM?
“We are on an island remember”
“Oh. Yeah, bro, morning?
Jes was awake by then from all the noise so we greeted each other and then started to get ready, after bumping my head on the roof of the tent and a few encounters with some friendly bugs we made our way out of the tent. We ate some breaky to get some energy and then we packed up to swim across to the little island.

Tiptoeing into the icy cold water was horrible but it got better. We walked for as far as we could but then we had to start swimming. After not to long we were on land and immediately we spotted a cave and decided to enter it and explore.
When we got into the cave, Jayme chickened out and she decided to stay behind while we explored. “OMG, look over there, something is sparkling that way, as we took a few steps forward…
BANG!!!!!!! A door slammed behind us and we almost jumped out of our skins!
Flip!, I screamed…JAYME!
All we could see of her was a silhouette banging on the door, but she couldn’t see of hear anything.
Oh, no, hopefully she will climb this mountain and try get to us from the top of the hill.
Its jewels! , I said
WHAT!, Jes said
Jes turned around and saw what I meant. These emeralds look pretty valuable! Lets take some, ok!
We stuffed our pockets and at that moment, we heard something coming from the top of the roof…
It was Jayme coming to rescue us! YAY! We missed you, yeah, ok she said, but look a these jewels! Yeah we know! We decided to enter the next cave ahead of us and this time Jayme came with. Look, I pointed out, more jewels, rubies! We also took some of those. BANG!!!!!! Another door shut behind us. What is going on? I asked, heaven only knows, Jes replied. As long as we are together said Jayme, this time! We got a few jewels and then tried to find a way out.

Just then, to the left of us, we saw some more jewels. We cannot just leave without taking any, I said greedily. On the other hand, the door thing will probably happen again. I regret to say this but you can probably guess what happens next when we enter the third cave. BANG!!! The door shut behind us, again! Jes said sounding frustrated. Ok people I do not think there is a way out this time, you guys look for a way out and I will get some jewels.

By the time, I had collected some jewels they had found a way out. Well done Jayme and jess! I congratulated.
“Now”, let us get out of here.

We set up our tent on the hill and were quick to fall asleep, that night.
“Goodnight bros’ “I said
“Goodnight” they said.



“Wake up Micaela!”
I opened my eyes to find Jayme telling me to wake up and get ready!
I looked to my left to see jess just getting up. We had obviously slept in a bit because the sun was high in the sky and shinning bright, streaming into our tent.
It was warm in the tent but after a while, I got over it and we hopped out of the tent grabbing the box of muesli bars, it was probably around 11-00 o’clock. Today we have decided to go exploring said jess. Maybe we should pack up just incase we get lost and have to camp somewhere.

Once we had packed everything into jest’s bag, we started along the warm white sand beach with the icy water occasionally washing over our feet.
“Do you think we are going to find any other food”? jayme said with a worried look on her face.
We will be fine I assured them, not so sure myself.
As we walked along the hot sand, we saw what looked like a clearing.
Let us head over that way, I suggested.
Yeah, ok, they agreed.

In a few minutes we approached the clearing and saw that there was a stream…but… as we looked down into the river we screeemed!!!!
What is that!!!
Nervously we took a few steps down to the stream and saw that there were… HUGE … GIANT… eels?
“I’ve never seen anything like this before, Jayme whispered to me.
The eels were giant and a sort of a green brown colour.
We decided to cut some up and then we wrapped it up in rubbish bags to eat later on.
As we were continuing our walk towards the little island, we realised that it was getting dark…fast, so we set up our tent in order to get a good nights rest and swim across to the island tomorrow.
We looked around for a minute and found a clearing so we set up our tent and found a few rocks to weigh down the tent. We wanted to have an early night so we could be ready the following day to swim across to the island and explore it.

The sun was setting on the horizon now and it was beautiful to watch. We sat in our tent for a while discussing all types of things and that we might be the only ones left, but after a few hours we got into our sleeping bags because we were getting tired.

This was not my ideal camping trip but it will have to do for now.

Day 1


Everywhere around me where people running around hurring about doing last minute checks and packing our supplies for our return to Matainui.
Mr Woody was more nervous than anyone as he walked around double ckecking the gear and marking the role. "yes" yelled jayme as she answered her name from the role. Well, mr woody saaid we are all ready to go, everything is packed and we are ready to head off to the backpackers lodge in Kaphia Harbour.

After a nervous, un settling nights rest everyone met he next morning excited and ready to head off! The backpackers lodge had been a uncormfortable nights rest and everyone had stayed up way past the lights out! I looked at jayme and she was looking more nervous than ever, How is that plane going to get all of us on it?" jes reasured us that everything was going to be OK. Once everyone had settled down Mr Woody walked told us to get into 2 lines, the class stood up and walked toward sam, he was waiting for us near a warf, sam guided us toward the plane. In single file, as asked by Mr Woody we walked very carfully into the plane. we all started quieting down because sam was talking to us through the intercom, saying how we have to put on our seatbelts.

The plane started to move slowly and althought the plane looked like it weighed 100 tons, it eventually lifted off the gruond. I could feel my heart pouding in my chest and it feels as if it is about to jump out! At this point i scanned the class to see their reactionsbut then i turned around because seeing everyone else was making me feel worse.
The engine was like a zillion drums with wakko people going crazy and hitting them!.

We were about 10 metres off the ground and it was actually a nice feeling to look into the pale blue sky and not feel so nervouss anymore, loking at the waves we left from out lift off.
After flying for a whilethe facial expressiond on people were getting much bette. Just then we all heard a gigantick bolt of thunder, i told jayme that it was the engine but then we heard it again! i unfastened my seatbelt so i could see out of the window but then i gasped to find jes not in her seat, so i closed my eyes hoping to find her normal again and when i opened them she was next to me, phew! "Isn't this cool" said jes, "NO!' we are going to die! No, she replied, we are floating. ONly then i realised that it had gone silent and , yes, we were floating!
incredible things can happen in a second exept this time it was not incredible, i now know the meaning of that saying. In just a second we were diving owards the ocean at full speed to the water below us! "calm down, this is completely normal" we heard mr woody say.
Of corse it wasn't, i thought to myself, but there was no time for backchatting the teacher! We had to hang on for dear life and hope that sam was actually alive inthat room to help us get out of this! Sam was alive of course, but to add to the terror we heard him say, "Sorry folks, i actaully didn'y pass my pilot test"! I am sure some people were ready to murder him but there was no time for that either. Just as we wre diving towards the ocean the zero gravity thing stopped and we slammed back into our seats. fortunatlly for jes and i we were right above our seats so we didnt get hurt. "we are going to die"! jayme screamed. Dont be so negative, jes replied.
We were diving toward the ocean at full speed and everyone was screaming. "Fasten your seatbelts we heard mr woody say, of course everyone had already done that.

We hit the ocean at what felt like 5000 kilometres an hour!
AHHHHHH!!! we all screeeeeeamed.
My heart was beating like a chetha at full speed!
We felt the plane start to sink so mr woody ordered us to make our way to the EXIT. Jayme, Jes and i grabbed the luggage and put as much as we could in jes's bag. I thought that we should probably put all gthe important stuff in first just incase we had to leave right then. So i told them that.
"Im so scared" said jes, and i could see a tear falling down her cheeck. We stood at the edge of the emergancy exit where the door had been bashed out and mr woody told us to jump! "Jump!!", yes he said. We all jumped together with he backpack in our hands.
The water was FREEEEEEEZING!!!! But we ahd to keep moving towards land. All i was thinking was, where are we, where are we going and how long it's going to take us to swim to land?

Eventually we were on the beach front and lying there soaking, busy catching our breath. After a few minutes we got up, and grabbed the tent to what looked like a clearing. I have only put up a few tents in my time so it took a while, even with the three of us. We walked west in to the forest to go look for something we could use for a washing line and we found a perfect spot. Once we had tied the rope around and hung up our wet clothes we had some lunch once we were back at the tent. "Im starving", said jayme and jes, "lets have some lunch", i replied! We can eat the lunches we packed but then we wil have to find some more food on this island. In our lunch boxes there was alot of food so it would keep us going for a while, we each had a sandwich and a muslie bar and then just sat there each thinking our own thoughts. "what's wrong Jes?, jayme asked, "you havn't spoken for a while?"... "Well, i was just wondering, isn't our tent going to blow away if there is a storm tonight", "it dosn't look that stable?"
"Clever", jayme said
"Lets split up and go loking for some heavy rocks to hold the tent down tonight".
"No! We have to stay together!
"OK, said jes.

By the time we got back it was about 5-00 o'clock so we were quite hungry and tired from the long day, so we started looking for fire wood, we did not have to look far because there was lot around our area, so we collected some and then layed the rocks we collected earlier and the sticks and made a fire to keep us warm.

For 'dinner' we had a sandwich each and a muesli bar. We sat there for a while talking amongst ourselves about everything that had happened today.
After about 2 hours we packed up what we needed to and got into the tent and chated for a bit longer and then fell asleep,
"Goodnight" jes and micaela, said jayme.
"Goodnight" jayme and jes, i added
But jes was already fast asleep : ]

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hi, people : ]

In class we are busy writing a story about our class crashing in the sea, off a sea plane, swimming to safety and all going off on our own adventures, if you want to call it that???
Slowly but surely we are finding out strange things and some people have even turned into aliens!!!!
As soon as i can i will post my first day and you can follow allong with me, little miss room 18 and jjdragonrider's adventures : ]

Bye for now : ]