Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Micaela, I heard Jayme say, I knew it was she because I was already awake,
Yes, I replied
Come look!
Yup I heard Jes say so I knew she was awake as well.
Come and have a look at the sunrise, guys!
She ran out of the tent and opened the tent door.
“Wow, cool, jess said.
“You are not even looking, replied jayme.
Yes, at the back of my eyelids, I am!
“Seriously, come and look”
“Fine,” we replied.
We dragged ourselves out of the tent and then saw the beautiful sunrise!
It’s sooo pretty!, I said

We had some breaky and then decided to go explore the thing we got stuck in the day before
“Right, today we are going into those caves and having a look to see what it is, ok?”
“yes, mam!” I said giggling

Before long we were at the top of the hill, where Jayme had come down from. Then we started pulling the hexagonal rocks apart, and it was working they were moving! Then they moved dramatically and opened to reveal a chamber!
“On the count of three we are going to jump, Ok?”
One…2…3… Jump!

Plonk! “Ground Shock” We landed on the hard floor of the chamber and then realised that it was empty! Apart from some weird symbols, it was empty!
“All that effort, for nothing”, I said
Look closely, Jayme said, there are three of the same symbols on different walls in exactly the same place!
“Lets push them together on the count of three 123, then another chamber was revealed! Wow, but there was nothing in it?
“Lets try again, 1…2…3… the walls caved in and another chamber was revealed, except this time there was a spaceship in it.
“WOW! I yelled, Cool!
We decided to explore it and after we did and found it was empty and…safe.

We realised that it was quite warm and decided to spend the night, and sleep in the spaceship.
“I hope nothing bad happens to us, I said as I closed my eyes.
“Yeah, Goodnight”.


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